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Business Owner To CEO!

You’re probably a Las Vegas self-employed business owner who has worked hard to get your business to the level that it is at now. You’ve invested a lot of your time and energy to grow your business and cross the $1 million mark in revenue.

Up until this point, your skills have helped you get to the growth stage that you are now experiencing… but as the old adage goes, “What got you here won’t always get you there.”

In this ground-breaking book, you’ll discover:

  • How to speak confidently regarding the future performance of your company
  • “Good intentions” that can nevertheless stagnate growth and decrease value over time
  • How to establish viable strategies for recurring revenue
  • Prolonged plateaus that can set your business on a path of slow (or fast) decline
  • How to maximise growth in order to get the most lucrative windfall possible on exit



Mark Mraz is The Most Trusted Growth And Value Advisor For Las Vegas Business Owners. His specialty is working with self-employed business owners in the Las Vegas area who are on their way to crossing the $5 million goal.

Self-employed business owners commonly find themselves mired in operations and the day-to-day running of their business and often fail to give themselves the time to strategize and envision a long-term plan for maximizing their business’ growth and value.

Mark brings a lifetime of diverse work experience across all sizes of business, as well as sharply-honed skills in process and systems documentation, to help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the $5 million mark and set themselves up for a significant windfall on exit. Having been on both sides of the coin, from corporate employee to self-employed business owner himself, Mark brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to his work.

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“Mark provided exemplary service as a valued team member during our efforts to re-engineer business processes. He was always positive and efficient and functioned well as part of the team.” Jeff Browder

PMP, Director of Staff & ATC Ops, Program Manager at ATAC

Mark has been a valued, active member of the Downtown Faith community. His ability to coordinate our volunteers and systemize our outreach programs has been vital in helping us grow in influence and effectively support our downtown Las Vegas Community. #ForDowntown.” Jeremy Martin

Founder & Pastor, Downtown Faith

“Having worked closely with Mark, I found him to be responsive and capable and a great communicator and change agent. He is willing to step up to the plate to accomplish any requirement that lies before him.” Paige Cox Lisk

MBA, SPHR, Chief People Officer at Catalyte

“When we partnered with Mark, he brought new insights and strategies to our growing business that have helped us clarify our marketing and growth plans. His authentic engagement and understanding have helped clients execute on projects to overcome challenges.” Heather Kelley

President, Beam Reach Consulting Group

“Mark is a go-to-guy. His technical knowledge and innovative thinking, combined with his consummate customer service approach, is truly appreciated by me and everyone who works with him.” Sam Kim

PMP, ITIL, IT COO for County of Santa Clara

You don’t have the feeling of freedom you craved when you started your business because you’re too busy working in the business and taking care of day-to-day operations. Worse than curbing your freedom, this tendency means you rarely, if ever, take the time to even consider your growth plan.

This is a common problem among self-employed business owners. After all, you’re the one with the talent, skill, and product ideas. You’re the one with the passion and grit.

Are you as talented when it comes to actually running the business? Of course not! This is why you have a team around you. But even then, you may still be trying to do everything yourself, either under-delegating or simply not managing your labor efficiently.

In this unique and original book, you’ll learn:

  • What holds you back from making the transition from self-employed business owner to CEO
  • The importance of having a strategic growth plan
  • Your position of power – and why you need to gain and maintain it
  • Your biggest challenges – how to face them without fear