The Story Of “Earth Resources” Water

Mel had already suffered one heart attack and undergone surgery to replace valves in his heart. His health was not the best and he knew it. Working day-in and day-out building his business after leaving a successful career in finance was stressful. The business was in...

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Is Your Business Still A Baby?

In my blog post dated March 3, 2021, I wrote about the need to understand the type of journey you’re taking in your business and knowing both where you are now and where you want to go… nothing super complicated or ground-breaking about that… common sense stuff. Many...

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What’s Your 2021 Journey?

To begin every journey, we need a starting point. Sometimes that is as straightforward as heading to the airport to catch a flight, but other times you begin your journey from where you are now. For a business owner, the question often is, “Do I even know where my...

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