“Our Marketing Is Pulling In Sales, But We Don’t Have A Well-Defined Plan For Long-Term Growth Taking Us
To The Next Level” (Lesson 3)

Owners without a clear marketing plan find themselves wanting to implement a solution without understanding what the real problem is that they’re trying to solve or who their ideal customer is. The answers to these questions, who your ideal customer is and what problem they have, directly inform a good marketing plan.

Instead of answering these, however, you may have gone straight to building your webpage and spending $1,000 a month on Google Ads. If you’re spending without a plan in this way, you may as well be throwing your business cards off the back of trucks as you drive through town, hoping they’ll land in the hands of your ideal customers!

Without a plan, it’s clear you may be overestimating the return on your current marketing investment while underestimating how high the return could be if you applied more strategy and thought to your marketing plan.

Are you measuring your marketing results? Are you using analytics or referencing your data? How do you even know if your marketing is working? 

It’s also common that business owners, particularly those who get caught in the owner’s trap, try to do the marketing themselves. It’s easy, right? Just get your post-millennial kids to set up your Facebook page.

But if you’re a business in the $1 million range and heading towards $5 million, does it still make sense to take on your marketing yourself?  

Sure, you don’t need to hire a huge New York-based ad agency, but what is it worth to invest in working with a local marketing agency (the likes of which are many in Las Vegas)? 

It’s okay if you’re confused about what to do and where to focus. In today’s world, you really do have too many options. If you go online and type in a search for marketing on social media, you’ll be surrounded by ads in no time, all of them shouting at you with offers to help you do your marketing.

When this happens, though, you end up not knowing who to believe. You may not even know what questions to ask in the first place! Now you’re just bombarded with people telling you that “you too can go viral!” online, but without any real understanding of what’s required. 

Digital marketing is becoming more and more complex. Google is always changing their algorithms, and Facebook is changing the way they do ads. There are courses to take on maximizing SEO, and have you even seen what’s required if you want to roll out an online content marketing plan?

The technology is confusing, and the work is significant. Then you need to strategize on top of all this? No wonder you feel content to leave things as they are, especially if you still see sales coming in.

Furthermore, if you are still so busy working in the business as opposed to working on your business, all of this is at risk of taking a backseat. You know you need to be marketing, but there will always be a fire to put out somewhere that keeps you from sitting down and mapping out a plan for how to engage your ideal customer.  

Good Marketing Leads To Customer Trust

Marketing is the vehicle by which you sell, so whether you’re marketing online or offline, it’s really the same thing, and a plan is still required. Part of the plan is being crystal clear about who your ideal customer is and the problem you solve with the products and services you offer. 

It is through your marketing that your customers get to know you, like you, and trust you. This is the path to sales. When you are not using your marketing to build this relationship and trust, you’re diminishing your potential customer base.