7 Questions You Need To Answer Before You Restart Your Business

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In this breakthrough webinar, you will…
Discover the biggest mistake business owners make when rebuilding from a disaster
Learn what acquirers value in the businesses they buy
Identify which of your product/service lines are worth rebuilding now
Explore the 8 key drivers that create a durable business
Answer 7 essential questions you need to address before starting to reconstruct the value of your company
Don’t Rebuild The Company You Had…
Create A More Durable And Valuable Business Instead!








Thursday, May 28, 2020
1:00 pm Pacific Time
How can you use the lessons you’ve learned during this global crisis to create a more durable business?

Traditional strategy says to focus on your customers, but if there is anything crisis teaches you, it is how fickle some customers can be. Another option is to try and sell your way out of it. But sell the wrong products and services, and you risk sucking up all of your available cash and time without adding much long-term value to your company.

A better strategy is to create a vision for the business you want, rather than rebuilding the company you had. There are seven essential questions that you need to answer so you can spot the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. Ignore them, and you’ll be running on a treadmill to nowhere.